Who else wants to know how to promote a hotel on Instagram?

Who else wants to know how to promote a hotel on Instagram?

Why are Instagram features interesting for hotels? How relevant is this social network for the hotel business and is it worth keeping an account in it? What are the pros of being on Instagram?

Instagram is at its peak right now. This is one of the most visited social networks. Instagram has 200 million monthly active users. Instagram is not meant to increase sales — it makes no sense to use it that way. But if you are focused on promoting your brand in the domestic and especially international market (which is a must for hoteliers), then Instagram is exactly the tool you need!

When should you go to Instagram?

On Instagram, the main content is photos! With the help of photographs, it is easy to convey mood, evoke positive emotions and associations. You can post all sorts of photos: it can be both official photos and pictures that convey the inner atmosphere of the hotel and show what’s what really. This approach will help the user to visually remember the brand and associate certain photos with your hotel.

What are the benefits of Instagram:

High level of hotel recognition;
Creates an open and positive image;
Promotes the hotel’s entry into the international market;
Promotes your brand not only on Instagram, but also on other social networks. Instagram users often post photos to Facebook, VKontakte and Twitter;

How important is an Instagram presence? Frankly speaking, this is not a priority until hoteliers have mastered more relevant promotion tools. Now we see a lot of hotel sites with inconvenient usability and completely outdated room reservation systems. What kind of Instagram is there! So it makes sense to switch to this social network if your main media platforms perform their functions 100%, and it’s time to develop further. A good result can be considered 20-30 thousand subscribers — as, for example, at the Marriot hotel.